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Country traveller in bondi blue

$195.00 USD

Dusty in driftwood
Super slim

$195.00 USD

Harriet in byron
High-rise Skinny

$195.00 USD

Isabel in washed black
Mid-rise Skinny

$205.00 USD

our story

filmed by Annika Damon 2016

Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of our sewers and our customers closer together. We source the finest raw materials from around the world while offering sustainable employment and training opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

By purchasing a pair of Outland Denim jeans, a girl you don’t know is right now being saved from a life of abuse and exploitation. Our jeans are “made different” not only because of how they are made, with fine attention to detail, but because every pair can help change someone’s life.


The Curated Closet

Anuschka Rees, style author, INTO MIND blogger and former fast-fashion consumer, has written the textbook on ensuring that your clothes act as best friends rather than brief acquaintances.

Sneakers…with my Outlands

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought of sneakers and jeans as a combo I wouldn’t have known whether to laugh, cry, or cringe. In my mind, sneakers were designed for sporting fields, tennis courts and Seinfeld, and that is where they should stay.

Behind their denims

Emma Sear first caught the sight of Outland at our local barista. The elfin-featured, long-limbed Emma quickly agreed to model for us, but posing in front of the camera is not her chosen trade; pottery is her passion.

Shopping with fast fashion friends

Shopping is often a social experience; a chance to catch up with mates who will honestly tell you whether you can pull off that canary yellow blazer or not.